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Dr. Bruce McLaughlin - Professional Coach

Excercise Your Strengths - and Your Options

For many people, power is an external force that they perceive as coming toward from somewhere outside.  When they see power this way it often feels like they are under attack - they get defensive.  In truth, growth and progress only comes from strength.  Many people and organizations think that focusing on weakness is an appropriate way to improve.  But think about it, can you actually measure 'weakness'?  You can only measure something that is actually there.  And if a characteristic is 'there' it exists and can be viewed as a strength.  An analogy for this way of thinking uses weight lifting as its focus.  When you undertake a regimen of weight lifting you can only use muscles that exist.  You cannot lift with a muscle that is not there.  What does a muscle do?  It uses it's strength.  That is the only thing it can do.  When you know your abilities, your talents, your strengths you can use them.  When you know your power, and believe that it exists in you, you can use it to grow in ways that you choose.  Knowing your strengths is the first step in accepting them and then choosing how to exercise them.

Please view the pages linked here.  They contain information, tools, programs, and , most importantly, questions that you can use as tools to know - and grow - your strengths.