Tools For Living

Dr. Bruce McLaughlin - Professional Coach

Differentiated Life Style

Self-Knowledge = Empowerment

It's hard to juggle the pressures of parenting, managing your career, raising your own children caring for aging parents, or taking night classes at a university.  Yet, all these challenges bring a unique opportunity that can lead to growth and development.

Every day you spend your time differentiating the learning of your students.  Our common sense tells us, and research supports, that this is crucial for maximizing the learning potential of each of our students.  Strength can only be built from strength.  I like to say that, if knowledge is power, how powerful is self-knowledge?  Do you know your strengths?  Do you give yourself permission to exercise those strengths?  I expect that you know in your heart that you cannot get water from a dry well.  Take the time to learn your strengths and to act upon them.  You will feel more fulfilled and be better able to give your students and your loved ones the best "You" possible.