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Dr. Bruce McLaughlin - Professional Coach

Career Transition

Starting Your Own Business -
Approximately 75% of our population says they would like to be their own boss.  Yet, only about 5% actually take the steps to do that.  It?s also inspiring to know that about 70% of the work force in the United States is employed by small business ? not the corporate giants. Small business and entrepreneurs truly are the ones driving the bulk of our economy.
Many do not go into their own business because they feel uncertain about their future as an entrepreneur.  But, consider how you feel this moment about the position you now hold.  How secure do you feel about it?
There is tremendous value in learning about your options.  The biggest issue I deal with in my clients is fear, and it?s almost always fear of the unknown.  The remedy for this type of fear is to make the unknown ? known.  Learn your options, learn your costs, learn your risks.  Then make your decision once you are in a place of knowledge and information.

Transitioning to Another Career -
As an experienced professional you have many transferable skills.  Change often brings challenges and moving to a different profession is not easy.  If you find yourself looking at a career change, either because you feel it is time for a change or because your circumstances have made the choice for you, you are always better off moving forward with a plan, based on information.  An acronym for Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.  The antidote for fear is facts.  Find out your options.  One way to do that is to take the Career Planning Insights.  With this assessment you will get a report that will highlight your strengths, your ideal work environment and suggested careers areas that match your behavioral style.  Click on the link below to see a sample of what the CPI provides.