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Dr. Bruce McLaughlin - Professional Coach

Educators In Career Transition

"Our profession has not gotten easier over the years.  Read the news on any given day and you will find the continuing saga of challenges for today's educators. 

In my coaching practice, I specialize in working with educators in addressing the challenges we face in our professional lives (budget cuts, low morale, lack of support from parents, student behavior, reduction in force) and our personal lives (career advancement, changing careers, raising our own children, retirement, balance between work and home).

I understand the challenges in the life of an educator because I am one, as are many of my family and friends.  I have served as a classroom teacher, school administrator and education coach/consultant.  I have been through many of the transitions you are going through - and I can help you.  I am dedicated to empowering educators in realizing the future they envision."

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