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Dr. Bruce McLaughlin - Professional Coach

Excellence for Learning™

The Importance of Everyone's Effort
Quality education is no accident.  It is the combined effort of teachers, administrators, parents and students.  When all are working together in harmony, goals and objectives are easily reached and the results are rewarding.  When conflict arises within the groups, the overall goal of providing an optimal educational experience for students is compromised.  Excellence for Learning Administrator, Teacher and Student reports provide the tools necessary to bring success to the educational environment.
Administrator Report
The role of the administrator is vital as s/he is responsible for every aspect of management, personnel leadership, public relations, curriculum accountability, student safety and education.  The variety of "hats" worn by the administrator requires flexible and adaptive behavioral interactions.  The more the administrator is aware of her/his own behavioral tendencies as well as the tendencies of others, the more successfully s/he can fulfill job requirements.

-  To increase self awareness of natural behavioral characteristics
-  To help the individual understand and appreciate the different styles of behavior and how each could contribute to the team
-  To target characteristics that move the individual from a manager of people to a leader of people
-  To heighten the individual's awareness of the value that s/he brings to the school system
-  To provide information that will allow the individual to get improved results from others.

Teacher Report
The role of teacher goes beyond educating students and ensuring that assignments are complete.  The teacher is a role model for how individuals interact with each other.  S/he must respond to many different behavioral styles within a single day.  By understanding behavioral tendencies, teachers can create an environment that supports style differences, rather than "teaching to the masses" and limiting individual potential.

-  To increase the individual's awareness of his/her natural behavioral tendencies
-  To help the individual understand and appreciate the different styles of behavior and how these differences impact the total school climate
-  To help the individual develop plans for adapting behavior to better meet the needs of all students