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Dr. Bruce McLaughlin - Professional Coach

The Ultimate Road Trip to Finding What Excites You!

Career Coaching for Students™

...self awareness, ...knowing what talents they have, ...knowing what careers will leverage those talents, ...discussing a career interest with someone in that career, planning, ...valid assessment inventory or aptitude testing

"If I knew I'd be good at it and like doing it this much, I'd have started a long time ago."

"I feel like I'm cheating the system somehow. I'm getting paid to do what I love."

The Most Complete Career Exploration Program for Students – EVER!
·        Are you a high school student trying to figure out what career you will enjoy?
·        Do you have a son or daughter who can’t decide on a college major?
·        Are you a college student still undecided about a major?
·        Are you a high school principal or counselor looking for an objective career coaching tool to integrate into classroom discussion?
Career Coaching for Students™ was introduced to address the growing need in society for our students to find passion in life.  With half of today’s workers unsatisfied in their career and the majority of college students changing majors during their college career (50% changing three times), the financial and emotional impact on students has become a national concern.
There are a number of programs geared toward helping students “qualify” for college with a little “career direction” sprinkled in.  Career Coaching for Students™ goes much deeper by inspiring students to find their passion, establish goals, and create action plans to achieve success.

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