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Dr. Bruce McLaughlin - Professional Coach

Available Coaching Programs
One-on-One session for parent and student.  Includes student guidebook debriefing of assessments, completion of a personal mission statement, coaching to discover top three career choices, overview of researching chosen path, and phone support.  4 Hours $495.00*

Passage Plus
One-on-One sessions for parent and student.  Comprehensive career coaching narrowing and researching top career choice in detail.  In addition, a personal mission statement and Wall Street Journal article are completed.  Three 3-Hour sessions $995.00*

Group Workshop
Three 4-Hour Career Planning & Exploration sessions for High School Students and Parents - Please Click Group Workshop link for more information.

Home Study Personal Edition
Learn more about this powerful program for high school and college students
Career Coaching for Students™ self-directed program is available for home use.  Includes step-by-step student guide book, talent assessments, one phone debriefing and full access to our student resources on the web.  Click the image to your right for more information including how to order this program.


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