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Our current free resource is a guided imagery audio clip on enhancing your effectiveness at having compassionate communication.  The clip can be downloaded as an mp3 for free.  This guided imagery is based on, and largely taken from, the work of Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman in their book How God Changes Your Brain.  This guided imagery can be very relaxing and you are advised to not listen to it while driving or participating in any activity that requires operating machinery or any situation where accidents could occur if you lose focus.

We would love to hear how this guided imagery  works for you.  Please contact us if you are interested in a Live Guided Imagery event at your home, office or group.  We utilize original soundscapes and music and can gear the focus of the evening on a particular topic (ie., stress reduction, enhanced communication, health and wellness, etc.).  We are happy to develop a completely new program for your group's specific needs.  Give us a call!