Tools For Living

Dr. Bruce McLaughlin - Professional Coach

Who is Dr. Bruce McLaughlin?
Dr. McLaughlin holds a doctorate in educational leadership and a Master of Science degree in counseling.  He is an expert in K – 12 education issues and has spoken across the U.S., as well as internationally, on issues relating to leadership, testing and assessment and best instructional practices. 

Dr. Bruce McLaughlin is truly a life-long learner and has added additional training and certifications to his professional portfolio.  He is a certified coach specializing in life transition issues through Coach Training Alliance.  He is the founder and lead coach for Tools for Living.  Through deep listening and questioning techniques, evaluative assessments and extensive experience as a coach, educator and consultant, Tools for Living helps clients to develop appropriate, successful strategies.  He has also completed certification programs for Career Coaching for Students through Success Discoveries and business and franchise coaching training.  This training provides Dr. McLaughlin with a skill set comprising the worlds of education and business – A truly unique blend necessary in today’s global world of education.

Dr. McLaughlin is committed to continuous self-discovery and encouraging others to rely on their talents and gifts, experience and the resources of others in achieving success. 



Doctor of Education - St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri - 2005

Illinois Administrative Certification Program - Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Illinois - 1993

Master of Science in Counselor Education (Community Counseling emphasis) - Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Illinois - 1985

Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology - Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Illinois - 1979



Extensive Professional Development Experience

- Spring 2010 presenter Al Ittihad Schools in the United Arab Emirates;  Title - Student Achievement: Trends and Best Practices in Educational Assessment

- Co-presenter at 2006 ASCD Conference (ticketed session); Title - Making the Connection:  When Assessment Informs Instruction, Everybody Wins!

Co-Presenter at 2006 Summer Edison Leadership Institute in Phoenix, Arizona; Title -
Supervision & Evaluation

Co-Presenter at 2006 Fall Edison Leadership Institute in San Diego, California; Title -
Supervision & Evaluation II - Change Leadership

Presenter at 2005 NCLB Conference in Chicago; Title -
Balanced Leadership:  Administrative Practices and Student Achievement

- Co-Presenter at 2005 Edison Leadership Institute in Tucson, Arizona; Title - Curriculum and Instruction:  Creating Instructional Excellence