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Dr. Bruce McLaughlin - Professional Coach

Do You Seek Peaceful Resolution to the Conflict in Your Life?

Everyone experiences conflict.  Even though conflict is natural, it often separates us from others and from our goals.  Conflict can put us in a state of mind where we are not able to see the best solution or solutions to our problems.  Our emotions get in our way - Our past can get in our way - Our finances can get in our way.

Dr. Bruce McLaughlin

At Tools For Living we have expertise in conflict resolution and ways to develop and maintain a peaceful life.  Please browse through the tabs to learn more about the areas we can assist you find a peaceful resolution.  We have experience in many types of situations that bring conflict:  relationships, parent/child conflict, school issues, bullying, contract dispute, elder care and decisions involving older loved ones, workplace, job loss, career change and many others. 

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