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Dr. Bruce McLaughlin - Professional Coach

Coaching Packages and  Fees

I have built my practice with you in mind.  My intent is for you to be successful in the attainment of your goal or goals.  In order to do this, I have each potential client go through two steps prior to entering into the Coaching Relationship.  First, I will have you complete and send to me via email an extensive Client Intake Package.  In this package you will supply specific information regarding what goal or goals you have in mind, what you see as the main obstacle s preventing you from attaining those goals, and other key aspects of your life.  This step is a real time saver because it provides me with key information regarding the client and it helps the client to get focused on the real issues.

Second, we will have a Test Session.  The Test Session consists of an actual Coaching session where we have the opportunity to get to know one another.  It is during this 30 to 60 minute session that, together, we will come to the decision of whether or not we wish to move together into the Coaching relationship.  There is no charge for the Test Session.  If either of us feels that a partnership is not in the best interest of the client, we go no further.

Please consider the package of services I offer below.  If at any time you have questions regarding them, please don?t hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Personal Growth Package

$55 per coaching session/hour will get you:

-       Either 4 or 2 telephone coaching sessions (each 45 to 60 minutes in length) each month

-          I will call you at the scheduled time

-          Unlimited email support