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Dr. Bruce McLaughlin - Professional Coach



            Coaching is a co-creative relationship between the client and the coach.  By 'co-creative' I mean that the client and coach work as a team to move toward a goal or goals determined by the client.  Most session occur conveniently over the telephone at a scheduled time.  Sessions generally last around 45 minutes.

            A coaching session begins with the client establishing the agenda for the session.  When previous sessions have occurred, this often begins with discussing progress the client has made based on actions establish at the previous session.  The coach's role is to listen, ask powerful, direct questions, and to assist the client in setting goals, planning, and strategizing ways to accomplish those goals.





            Coaching is not consulting or therapy.  Consultants give expert advice on how to solve problems.  Coaches act as guides to help clients arrive at their own solutions.  Consultants are focused on specific results.  Coaches are focused on the client.  Consultants are employed in order to achieve a specific outcome.  Coaches are employed to assist the client in working toward specific outcomes.  Therapists work with clients who require professional help toward recovery & healing.  Coaches served as detached partners who assist clients in enhancing their lives and evolving into more integrated balanced individuals.  Therapists are experts in treating diagnosable conditions.  Coaches are experts in assisting their clients in focusing on their strengths and authentic intelligences and working toward desired outcomes.